About this Webinar

The webinar explores both the legal and epidemiological issues which arise in asbestos cases.

The webinar is split into three sections. The first is an introductory talk on epidemiology by Prof. Damien McElvenny from the Institute of Occupation. The second is a lecture by Dr Sandy Steel of King’s College London entitled ‘Statistical evidence of causation in English tort law’. Finally, the webinar presents two interactive case studies involving carcinoma of the lung and mesothelioma.


  • Mr Charles Feeny
  • Dr Sandy Steel, King’s College London
  • Professor Damien McElvenny, Institute of Occupational Medicine
  • Dr Charles Hind, Consultant Physician in General and Respiratory Medicine

We are grateful to Charles Austin for his help in writing the content of this webinar.

CPD points: 2.5 (SRA accreditation only).

Supporting Documents

Case studies powerpoint
Prof. McElvenny’s powerpoint
Feedback questionnaire
Dr Steel’s lecture handout
Supporting questions and CPD code