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Michelle is a specialist costs and PI Barrister, a Mediator and a Legal Consultant/Auditor. She is forward-thinking, authorised to practise in a dual capacity both in-house and in the traditional sense.

Costs consequences of late acceptance of a Defendant’s downgraded offer

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This article first appeared in the March 2019 edition of the Liverpool Law Society magazine What are the costs consequences when a Defendant makes a Part 36 offer and then without withdrawing it simply reduces the value of that offer under CPR 36.9, thereby leaving the offer open for acceptance throughout - but in its [...]

“Successful” claimant’s costs recovery restricted to 6.7% of budget

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See link here for discussion of facts and judgment on liability by Charles Feeny PD -v- RLBUH NHS T Key points Successful claimant’s costs recovery restricted after fully contested trial to a fixed sum reflecting just 6.7% of the budgeted base fees and disbursements; and Claimant ordered to pay all of the defendant’s costs following [...]