About Pro-VIDE Law

Pro-VIDE-Law is an initiative by a group of barristers to deliver quality case notes, articles, training and events to the legal community.

The project has developed through discussions which suggested that the provision of information and debate in legal practice has become too rigid and corporate. There appears to be a lack of knowledge and ideas being exchanged between the different strands involved in the law, in particular practising lawyers, expert witnesses and legal academics. To an extent this may reflect the perceived shortage of cases proceeding to judgments in the Court. However, this perception in itself is probably exaggerated as there are many interesting, difficult and high value claims which are now tried in the County Court and not necessarily covered by the established Court Reporters.

Pro-VIDE-Law will attempt to fill in some of these gaps by providing notes on cases involving the contributors. It is intended that the notes will include comments from expert witness and hopefully be illuminating in showing the different perspective of those involved in litigation. The training events will involve practising lawyers, academics and expert witnesses, and are intended to provide a forum for discussion and debate.

Contributions are encouraged on existing case notes and by way of new case notes or articles. We do not guarantee to publishing everything submitted and must exercise a degree of editorial control, but our intention is to publish as much as possible. Whilst contributors to the website will not be oblivious to the network and profiling advantages of such participation, this does not represent either the aim or the ethos of the project.

If you wish to submit a piece for publication please get in touch today.

Our Contributors

Ana Samuel
Ana SamuelComplete Counsel
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Charles Feeny
Charles FeenyComplete Counsel
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Gus A Baker
Gus A BakerTribune Psychology Services
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Charles Austin
Charles AustinComplete Counsel
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Julia Hurlbut
Julia HurlbutLees Solicitors
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Lorraine Mensah
Lorraine MensahComplete Counsel
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Per Laleng
Per LalengUniversity of Kent
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Sandy Steel
Sandy SteelUniversity of Oxford
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